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logs use GMT time instead of local time

Added by Guillaume Rousse over 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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This violates least suprise principle, and make it difficult to correlate events with other logs on the system. This is a known issue with Analog, discussed here, with a potential workaround:


Updated by Johan Cwiklinski over 2 years ago

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Proposed hack sound a bit ugly to me. This is lot of code to maintain for just a timezone issue :/


Updated by Johan Cwiklinski about 2 years ago

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I do not want to get that fixed Galette side; this is an issue with the used library and should be fixed on it.

I can see 3 possibilities:
- issue is fixed on the lib side and I'll update Galette dependency. It does not seems this will happen,
- change logging lib (a quite huge job as well). Well for this one, another ticket should be opened with legit alternatives proposal; this is a very huge job and will cause changes in almost all Galette files.
- deal with it (the way I choose to go right now).

If you really want to change the behavior, feel free to open a pull request; but note that I won't spend much time on this; if that cause too much trouble, this will be reverted.
Also note that proposed workaround is not known to be working (author said "should") and this fix only one handler type. Galette uses more complex setup, this may not be so simple to get that fixed.

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